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Coordinate Mobile Notaries for your Estate Planning Signings

We Provide Customized Solutions To Tailor Your Signing To Fit You and Your Client’s Needs

Our Services

Tailored Notary Selection

Step into a realm where our professional notaries, meticulously selected from a secure platform exclusive to the real estate sector, become an extension of your firm, bringing with them a wealth of experience and a commitment to making your clients feel valued and respected. With E&O insurance and annual background checks, our notaries don’t just bring security but also a concierge-level service tailored to your needs.

Print and Scan Documents

Experience ease with our secure portal, where documents can be uploaded directly, avoiding unnecessary trips to the post office. Our notaries are equipped to print, scan documents even at the signing table, ensure accuracy and provide digital copies for your convenience, all while maintaining a personalized touch in every interaction.

Document Delivery

Trust in our FedEx document shipments, where we prioritize not just accuracy, timeliness, and security, but also handle each document with the care and attention it deserves. Your documents aren’t just sent; they’re safeguarded every step of the way, ensuring they reach their destination promptly and securely.

Witness Coordination

Allow our notaries to serve as a witness or provide additional witnesses upon request, coordinating smoothly between all parties involved. We take the stress out of managing multiple schedules, ensuring a streamlined and special signing experience for your clients.

E-recording of Deeds

By utilizing digital technology, the entire process becomes faster, more efficient, and environmentally friendly. Instead of manual handling and physical courier services, deeds can be submitted, reviewed, and recorded online, minimizing potential errors and dramatically speeding up turnaround times.

What We Do

At Notary Pin, we navigate the complexities of signing estate planning documents with a dedication to simplifying the notarization process for law firms. We manage every aspect of mobile notary coordination, ensuring your clients’ estate planning signings are not only timely but also executed with a touch of exclusivity and impeccable attention to detail.

How We Do It


Submit Client Details and Documents
Provide us with the contact information of the signer(s) and the details of the signing appointment. Upload all necessary documents through our secure portal for review and preparation.


Tailored Notary Selection
Our notaries, selected through a detailed process, meet our stringent criteria, ensuring your signings are conducted with utmost professionalism and expertise.


Appointment Confirmation
Our chosen notary will connect with the signer or attorney, confirming appointment details with clarity and a personal touch.


Document Preparation and Review
On the signing day, our notary will adeptly print, prepare, and, if necessary, act as or provide additional witnesses, ensuring a smooth and special signing process.


Secure Document Delivery
After the signing, the notary will scan and send the documents to the attorney for review, facilitating the e-recording of the deed and arranging for FedEx delivery back to the attorney, ensuring a safe and prompt return with a concierge touch.

Allow us to utilize our platform that we’ve fine-tuned by organizing thousands of signings to alleviate your stress. We understand that every attorney has a unique style, and we’re here to provide customized solutions and offer guidance when asked.

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